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Welcome to SLUH 1

Sluh 1 is a company for manufacturing of orthopedic hearing instruments, distributor of Phonak hearing instruments www.phonak.com ; Medel  cochlear implants www.medel.com and Alpine hearing protection www.alpine.nl dilers for  R.Macedonia. Sluh

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Why choose us

Sluh 1  offers high quality products and services for its clients. Proven experience and expertise in this area with more than 20 years of professional experience guarantees unique solutions built relationships

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Looking for professional advice?

We offer free professional advice to our client, which includes evaluation of hearing impairment, hearing aids trial and choice of most appropriate for you.

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Our professionals are ready for you

Sluh 1 team consists of highly qualified staff with extensive experience that provides immediate customer service

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We always keep you updated

Sluh 1 constantly inform its customers about the innovations in the field of hearing instruments

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Sunday, 23 Oct 2016

Hearing Aids

Phonak hears more
Phonak hears more

There are many functions that set apart a Phonak hearing aid from others. SoundRecover is one of Phonak most important and successful hearing aid solutions. It is received with enthusiasm by hearing specialists and users of our systems. This plays a particularly crucial role in understanding speech. How a hearing aid work... more

FM systems

FMSolutions for difficult hearing situations

Do you still have trouble hearing in some situations? Maybe in noisy restaurants, over the phone, in meetings rooms or in the car. A wireless ‘FM’ system works together with your hearing aids to improve your speech understanding, delivering the sounds you want to hear directly to your ears – wherever you are.

Cochlear implants


Cochlear implants

MED‑EL has a strong tradition of advancing the technological and scientific foundation in the field of hearing implants. The company’s strong and consistent focus on research and development will continue to fuel the pipeline of new ideas and innovations...more


Cleaning and Care Line

Modern hearing aids are durable, reliable and easy to use. Nevertheless some basic precautions in cleansing, care and hygiene should be applied to assure your hearing aids give you many years of trouble free service. Did you know that dirt and sweat can severely damage your valuable high-tech hearing aid? ...more


Hearing protection
Hearing protection

Noise volume is expressed in decibels, abbreviated to dB. The higher the number of decibels, the more noise, and in turn the greater the risk of (serious) hearing damage. Please note according to the European law in a working environment with a noise volume starting at 80 dB, employers are required by law to offer their employees hearing protectionAlpine fills this need by offering a large range of hearing protectors for private users...more

Hearing Aid Batteries

RayovacRayovac Extra Advanced

Rayovac is proud to offer world leading performance and the world’s No1 selling hearing aid batteries.Led by our latest product enhancement – Rayovac Extra Advanced – we push the boundaries in delivering high performance long lasting batteries for our customers.But it doesn’t stop at the battery. We go that extra mile to meet the needs of our customers. The Rayovac Extra programme adds value to your product mix linking technical expertise with marketing and business support...more

Hear The World

Hear the World
is Phonak’s worldwide initiative to raise hearing awareness and provide information about hearing loss. Music is the medium that transports the message of Hear the World out into the world. Hear the World is supported by renowned international personalities who share Phonak’s commitment.

Go to the Hear the World website